Have you fallen for the act?

The AntiChrist agenda is very dark, and I need to warn people about this immense deception. If you would consider interviewing me for your YouTube/Radio channel, please contact me. Thank you.

Can I prove it to you?

After watching these videos and reading the words here, go to The Rock’s Instagram profile and scrutinise every video very carefully. Can you tell when a man is acting or being genuine? Listen to all the subtle (and subliminal) political messages, listen to his ‘fighting’ vocabulary, and notice the intense effort he is making to try and sound like the kindest and humblest man in the world. It is all an act, a performance, designed to make him universally loved, and many are believing it. But I am hoping you will be able to see through this deception. God bless you.


This video fully explains the AntiChrist agenda…

“And all drank the same spiritual drink. For they drank from the spiritual Rock that followed them, and The Rock was Christ.” 1 Corinthians 10:4

“Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock.” Matthew 7:24

“Be to me a rock of refuge, to which I may continually come; you have given the command to save me, for you are my rock and my fortress.” Psalm 71:3

Dear friend, allow me to ask you a very important question… Do you think you cannot be deceived? How about by one of the world’s best actors? Do you think they could deceive you? What if they had the full backing and promotion of the mainstream media, and had for many years been cultivating a very convincing image of being one of the world’s nicest people? How would you know they were ingenuine, if all you ever saw and heard was compassion, kindness, gratitude, and positive and inspiring words? You would probably have no reason not to believe the act, right? Can you tell when a very good actor is performing and deceiving? Please watch the above video and consider VERY CAREFULLY (and objectively) all the information contained in it.

Why not Macron, Trump, Tony Blair or the Pope?

There are 2 things which are really important to understand about the Antichrist. Firstly, he has to be someone who is extremely popular, extremely kind and extremely likeable; so much so that he could even deceive the elect. He also will be appealing more to the younger generation – the under 30s. He has to make everyone believe that he is a good man, with good intentions, who genuinely cares. This is how he will get the majority of the world – and especially the youth – supporting him, and even worshipping him.

He has to exude compassion if people are going to believe he is the saviour of their society, and even the world. He has to be a man whom hundreds of millions of people pin their hopes upon, whom they have faith in to lead them into a new era of peace. He has to be universally popular, and he had to be the embodiment of a leader, so that people want him to lead them. Because he needs to get people following him.

The second thing to understand is this: He will have to deceive everyone into thinking he is a good-hearted man, when in truth his heart is dark. He will have to convince millions and millions of people that he is something totally different to who he really is. Only a very skilled and seasoned actor will be able to succeed in doing this on a global scale. This man will appear on our screens globally, talking about love, compassion, healing, change, faith, hope and even God, while inside his heart is darkness. It will have to be an extremely convincing act. A lot of it will be scripted, although it will appear to be spontaneous.

People naturally have many ideas about the identity of the Antichrist, and often suggest politicians, like Trump, Macron or Tony Blair. But these people are simply not popular enough, and are totally incapable of fooling hundreds of millions of people into thinking they have a loving and compassionate heart. Most of the planet will be (and are already being) fooled by the Antichrist. Do you think Macron, Blair or Trump can fool hundreds of millions of people into thinking they are the loving, compassionate messiah? Not a chance. It has to be an actor, and it has to be someone who is already universally loved.

The Antichrist is obviously anti-Christian, so he will rally together all the spiritual and religious people who are not Christian. He will speak to the people who love the Earth, who believe love is the way forward, who believe in inclusivity, tolerance and equality. And he will slowly and subtly guide them all towards perceiving Christianity as intolerant, non-inclusive, racist, homophobic and oppressive. He will target the right-wing, capitalist and predominantly white Christians as being the enemies of a free, tolerant and loving society, as the enemies of the earth, as the enemies of religious and spiritual freedom. White Christian men are already being portrayed as white supremacists by the extreme left-wing media. People will be slowly shepherded into perceiving Christianity as the main obstacle to a more loving and just world. This is a major part of his agenda.

My explanation of why The Rock is the antiChrist

When the Elite have an agenda (such as ushering in the Antichrist) they do their best to generate a desire within the public for that which they wish to implement. For example, in the case of the Antichrist, they need to generate a desire within the people to want him as their leader, because desire is very, very powerful. They must not force it on the people, because that will encourage people to push it away. They must encourage the people to want it, without people even realising they have been manipulated to want it. This is exactly what has been going on for some time with this man, and you can see that it is working. Watch the short video below, and just look at the overwhelming response after his very political speech on Instagram recently, where he asked very provocatively “Where is our compassionate leader?”. He used clever language techniques to promote himself as the leader the people need, but it was not very subtle.

I fully accept that many people will disagree with me on this, and if that’s how you feel I totally understand. Because how can you know for sure if I am right or wrong? But please just keep your mind open, and remember that I could be right. The best thing to do is watch him very, very carefully, and listen to his speeches to see if they seem like performances to you. I think you will be able to tell.

“The ultimate agenda of the AntiChrist is to turn all the non-Christians (especially the youth) against the true Christians and make them resent Christianity, despise the Christians, and believe that society would be better without them. The ultimate agenda is a Christian holocaust. This will slowly unfold in the name of equality, justice and love, but the seeds of anger, resentment & hatred will continue to be planted under the surface.”

Remember to go and scrutinise the Rock’s videos very carefully on his Instagram profile. Can you tell if he is acting?

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